Ransomware as a Service
Ransomware as a Service

Ransomware as a Service


It is a type of malware (or pirated software) that prevents the ransomware victim from accessing his computer and requests ransom in return.

Additional behaviors of ransomware viruses include stealing user's important information, terminating some useful programs (anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.), showing survey alerts, and other undesirable functions. It has since been seen in almost every country in the world.

Types of ransomware viruses

There are many different types of ransomware that use different methods that enable computer users to pay the ransom. There are three versions of this article at the time of writing:

File Encryption Ransomware. this is mostly spread by trojans. Once it enter in computer, it searchs for files and encrypts the frequently used files. Mostly encrypted files contain photos, music files, videos, art, business and other information that the victim may care about. In addition, such ransomware displays a huge warning message saying that the only way to encrypt encrypted files is to pay a ransom. In fact, this is true because such ransomware deletes the shadow copy and prevents it from being repaired.

Unencrypted Ransomware. This type of ransomware attack the entire computer system and threatens to pay a determined ransom from its user. For this, it issues a warning message that reveals itself related to the government. Typically hackers use the FBI, police, and so on. Once detected, the virus shuts down the computer and a huge warning message appears on the computer screen, which appears to come from the state. It informs the victim by showing that there are some illegal files as a result of the search. In addition, the user is asked to pay a ransom if he does not want to go to jail.

Browser-Locking Ransomware. This ransomware version does not infect the computer system. It causes a JavaScript file to lock the browser and display a huge warning message. This fake warning message is very similar to that of ransomware, which does not encrypt.

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ransomware removal services

ransomware removal services

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