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If you're fan of conventional franchise in Madden, then we have got some bad news for you. The Madden 21 traditional franchise mode will bascially only be a replica of what you saw in Madden 20. EA Sports made a apology video for diehard franchise lovers and promised to work on that manner in the future, but as for now, do not expect much.

The good news, however, is EA Sports included a much more in-depth Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 21. Instead of getting only the two school football games as if you did in Madden 20, you'll be able to do more on this year's version.

The other new feature coming to Madden 21 is a new style called The Yard. This game mode is just like a combination of NFL Street and NBA 2K's The Neighborhood. You can make a custom player, and basically play playground football.There are also the typical game modes coming in Madden 21 which we saw in Madden 20 and other variations.

Madden Ultimate Team is always coming back, as well as your basic exhibition and online game styles. Superstar KO, that was introduced later in Madden 20, will soon be coming.
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