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Leaders of the excellent player-run corporations are meeting to determine how to react to the Drifter strikes, especially how to push at CCP Games for launching these NPC invasions. Many people in Nullsec feel like the multiplayer gameplay is being compromised from the Drifter invasions. Many alliance leaders are upset that the drifter invasion interrupted participant conflicts, many of which were months in the making. Imperium's leader, '' The Mittani, summed up what many are feeling when talking to PCGamer:

"The Imperium was in the middle of prosecuting a war between tens of thousands of real players. We're worried that we have needed to stop our player vs player warfare and mill through what amounts to World of Warcraft-style raid content, but we've already broken down how the Drifter AI works and have successfully defended our constructions so far. I anticipate moving back to actual player vs player material, which is the reason why I quit WoW for EVE at the first place."

Because of this, the significant alliance leaders are planning revenge which can negatively influence all New Eden. Embargoes placed on Tier 2 products - which are harvestable in Nullsec and then shipped to hubs like Jita - could undermine and starve the PVE economy, something which is felt even more in a game like EVE Online versus a traditional MMO. While over an embargo has been planned, one thing is for sure: EVE's great corporations will not take the disturbance of Nullsec space lying down.

Check out www.EVE for more details.
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