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I Would Like To Do A Pursuit

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All of that sort of combined to create my"YEARGH!" At 3am (ok, yeah, well, I didn't have anywhere to go the morning after,y'understand?) Somewhat clear under the circumstances. When I read through the Monkey Madness manual, it stated to possess the Monkey GreeGree along with also the M'Speak Amulet in my inventory when I went to fight the demon in the end of the quest. The problem is that I did this, and when I died, I kept the M'Speak Amulet, but the GreeGree was missing.

The guide doesn't say how to get it back, at least it did not last time I looked at it. I went back to Ape Atoll and spoke to the baby monkey and told him I lost it, but he just started crying. I chose a banana used it on him, but he said,"I don't have any use for this, Uncle." Other efforts to speak to him only got me"The Monkey Child is too busy crying..." from the chat box. Any advice? Where can I get a new Talisman? Thanks for responding. It is getting a bit beyond me!

Where's the ideal spot to reduce willows? Which is better to cut back overall: willows or yews? If you want experience, go for willows. If you would rather money, cut yews. The best place to cut willows actually depends on whether you plan to drop them or keep them. If you want to bank, cut Draynor. It's close to a bank and has quite a few trees. The only drawback is it's the most popular spot to reduce, and almost every, if not every, world is crowded. There are various other places to reduce if you would like to shed your willows or do not mind a longer walk. Just northeast of Draynor that there are several trees which aren't very crowded.

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