A bandos plate is great as it offers better defence than a chest,
A bandos plate is great as it offers better defence than a chest, Nov 19

A bandos plate is great as it offers better defence than a chest,

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A bandos plate is great as it offers better defence than a chest, and if you have a great deal of cash to spend its useful to have this excess defence for situations where a high defence bonus is needed, but you still want the strength incentive. Torags plates are undesirable because it costs time and money to repair themso if you have enough cash to buy whatever you want, a bandos plate would probably be preferred. Have u seen the folks with godswords? A good deal of them wear fighters chest over bandos plate. The can obviosly afford it and it has better def, nevertheless they stick together with all the dang torso

Really you'll find a lot of men and women who walk around with a godsword (notably lower levels, 100-120) have just sold everything worth more than 5k within their own bank to purchase the sword (it will remain bandos cause thats the cheapest), and also can't afford anything else. The individuals with zammy, sara and arma godswords are normally the people who can manage the bandos and stuff. I opted to spend the last of summer at the GWD. I recently came into some cash after obtaining a 3rd era plate leg clue and that I also have enough time now to devote to it. Also, any criticism in my equipment is much valued. I intend to do all of the subquests, then jungle treasure, and then the final battle. First: Am I strong enough to shoot on a black dragon? I am able to kill blues pretty easily and I can not recall if I've fought a reddish one. I have also struggled some bronze paintings. Secondly: How are my stats for Desert Treasure? Third: How can I do at the last battle Fourth: Recommend some levels I need to get.

I would use a rune crossbow that the entire way. Its better than Karils, more affordable, and you can use a shield. Use mithril/adamant bolts up to Jad, and utilize bead (e) bolts from Jad. With 70 range it'd probably take 2.5 hours. Gear depends on funding, I would recommend (if you are able to afford much better gear than this usage it): Archer helm, Ava's accumulator, Amulet of glory. 500 diamond (electronic ) bolts, full guthans, 2 range finishes, 3 sara brews, 3 superb restores, rest prayer pots. If you do not have guthans, deliver a couple more brews. No offense but obviously you have no expertise with barrows. Meleeing is extremely inefficient if you are such a very low level, along with a black mask can only be used on slayer monsters. Slayer dart is among the most effective ways to do barrows. You'll need 55 slayer and magic, as well as a slayer staff which can be purchased from any of the slayer masters. Gear: Full proselyte, farseer helm, glory (or stole), ring of life, slayer staff, cape, boots, 100 rune arrows. I understand the armour is welfare, but that is what I used starting out. I got a guthan's helm in my second trip. I believe he was speaking about what he can use for training slayer to 55.

Barrows: I bring 4 3 dose de pots but after awhile I tended to use my food more(monkfish) since it tended to save me alot of cash in the long run. Also you dun need to utilize slayer dart. Until that I would wear mystic(not really that good for folks like veracs) and then use wind wave to save stock space. Then you just have to range ahrims on your mystic because mysterious does not reduce or increase your scope bonus(I believe). For the tube, then you can just bring a platebody+platelegs as the creatures in the tunnel have a tendency to do good damage on you since you're in mystic. My private inventory btw was: Spade,mage short, Rune pl8 + monster skirt/legs, 4 de pots (3), 100 rune arrows(you will probably just wind up using less than 10 each round), 500 bloods, rest full of monkfish.

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