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They might have just quietly made no statement and sent countless mails out to the press saying they had been delaying the day they had been formally releasing the trailer. That tweet likely also needed to get approval from some people fairly high up. Sure they can do more, but they certainly could do . Perhaps this paves the way for much more big gaming companies making pseudo political statements? Majority of bigger announcements planned for this week when this somehow doesn't get a peaceful resolution in the upcoming few days. Bringing any focus on the protests assists the protests. Regardless of if they are profiting from it. I couldn't have stated it better. Who cares if they stand to gain off it... That I really don't think they will profit more than if they just didn't say anything. It is quite literally the lack of advertising. They are specifically not holding their event/reveal.

It's advertising. Anything posted on a brand's social media is advertisements. In addition they aren't"not holding their event"; they are delaying it, and drawing attention to it using this tweet. To be honest, this is actually the first I've heard about the reveal. It's currently on my radar because of this tweet, therefore it is still advertising. This is not doing anything though and quite frankly some of us have experienced our intelligence insulted way too much with the slew of idiotic fucking"we stand with you through covid" advertisements by companies in recent months. These same companies that are actively fucking over their workers in this outbreak. Like seriously, Amazon of all fucking companies has a God damn covid ad with some asshole preaching about how much the company is doing to protect it's employees which people who have followed recent events would know is complete fucking bullshit. It's a damn joke honestly.

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