What is the Level Cap in Phantasy Star Online 2
What is the Level Cap in Phantasy Star Online 2 Dec 01

What is the Level Cap in Phantasy Star Online 2

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With a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog suits, hairstyles, emotes, masks and of course a Sonic Knucles Weapon Camo, it's obviously targeted at fans of the blue blur. However, even in the event that you strip all that away, the $59.99 asking price is a value once you start looking at the consumables, 30-day Premium Package and stock expansions. For me, the most important value lies in these storage and inventory expansions. While Phantasy Star Online 2 makes it effortless to ship all manner of items from the"on-person" stock to your character and general storage vaults, you will quickly find your default 50-item inventory space filling up rapidly -- particularly through Urgent Quests, Bonus Missions and high-level mining. Now you can stock more in your character itself, and unlock an additional 250 slots for your character's expanded storage.

What is the Level Cap in Phantasy Star Online 2?

Right now, the level cap at the official Western launch of Phantasy Star Online 2 is level 90 as of Episode 5's September 30 launch - which will be something of a middle ground between the initial Japanese level cap, and the present level cap in this variant, which will be 95.

Once you hit it, evolution changes over to stressing things like improving your weapon and units, build and subclass, angling your character to be optimized for the endgame. Especially, leveling up an addittional time will make you a Class Ex-Cube, that could be traded at the swap shop, or given to your class NPC (such as Marlu for Forces and Techters) for added Skill Points. Speaking of the subclasses system, your subclass of choice also has a level cap - which can be important. A little more on this below...

In Phantasy Star Online 2, a significant portion of your personality is the choice of subclass: a secondary course chosen by the player to cultivate your ability set and support that the play-style of your favorite main class. Your subclass will unlock another skill shrub and photon arts set, hugely opening up your abilities in the event that you can lay your hands on the vital weapons. Additionally, it bequeaths your personality some handy stat bonuses based on the chosen subclass. To access the Subclass, you will need to reach level 20 with almost any main course and earn the Sub Class Permit by completing the Sub Class Permit Trial Client Order together with Officer Cofy, who is just to the best of Rebecca, the main Quest clerk.

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