This Whole Small Business Experience Makes Sense
This Whole Small Business Experience Makes Sense Dec 05

This Whole Small Business Experience Makes Sense

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It's not that hard to make a mobile client for an present game, and have it connect to the same servers, in precisely the exact same universe. It's more of a UX/UI difficulty than a thorny one. Even outsourcing the game like they did, it doesn't make sense.

The only way this whole small business adventure makes sense (and I promise the only way it would have gotten via its greenlight process at CCP) is if the aim was to create a version that was balanced therefore substantially different from the first that it could not be incorporated into the existing universe. And the only way you get this approved is whether you are able to convince them that doing this can bring in a new playerbase that is not already paying for EO.

Whatever their public roadmap says, or even the positive opinions of present EO players, it does not make business or financial -- or frankly, even"make present customers happy" sense -- to earn EE play exactly like EO over time. So that the EO gamers in here saying"EE is going to wind up just like EO because people are the principles, so deal" don't seem to understand there is no compelling reason for them to really do that.

Check out www.EVE for more details.
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