This is the case with every game which requires NSO
This is the case with every game which requires NSO Dec 21

This is the case with every game which requires NSO

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Hahaha time flies. Honestly. And you'd never believe them.There's definitely something strange there. Didn't it get a delay after or was just a long time between announcement to say it will exist along with the no new news?

Game definitely needed more time in the oven.I've been really lonely this season and this game has helped me a lot, listening to this particular characters wishing me happy holidays is really uplifting.Totally concur. I am hoping to pick it up in a few years and begin a new island, but I do not plan on playing until then.

I am sure someone already said it but how they're all sitting together drinking coffee and Brewster still hasn't come to the game is a slap in the face lol. Still cute, and still playing the game, but lacking some fundamental key characters. I hope year 2 concentrates more on these things vs events. I would like to enjoy Island LIFE not only Island design. The weird thing is... there is more thing interactions than previous matches, but there's way far less interaction with the show staple: residents. Everyone's shallow and repetitive as hell compared to previous names.

Got the match for my girlfriend. Turns out we just get one island for the console. I pay for nintedos online (if you can call it that) yet she can't go to her friends island unless we get the family program for the online.

What is the purpose of making you both play the same island if only one of you're allowed to go online with it?Oh you candy summer child. This is the case with every game which requires NSO for online. And yeah my girlfriend was not happy about that at all either. Like there's no way she's paying for a service when she only wanted to sell turnips online or something.

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