In RuneScape you are able to use Superheat
In RuneScape you are able to use Superheat Jan 26

In RuneScape you are able to use Superheat

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LEVEL 1-7 Killing dinosaurs at Lumbridge. This will let you use one of Strike Spells - fire Strike. Go fight Goblins east of the castle or Cows at nearby farm.

LEVEL 7-27 Enchanting Rings of Recoil Buy some Cosmic runes, Staff of Water for water runes and Sapphire Rings. By casting Enchant Ring you can create paintings of Recoil that is a fantastic selling item that can make you a small bit of benefit to purchase fresh Runes. You'll need just a little bit over 500 casts to get level 27 and begin another method.

LEVEL 27-43 Enchanting Rings of Duelling From level 27 you can use Level 2 Enchant spell. We'll use this on Emerald Rings to make Rings of Duelling. Utilize this incantation over 1,000 times to acquire level 43. Once you cast Curse spell on enemy, it's a timer which needs to run out before using it around the same opponent. This timer can be bypassed by splashing since it won't put any effect on the target. Just remember you need negative Magic stat. Monk of Zamorak at Varrock Palace is commonly employed as a punching bag by RuneScape enthusiasts. You can bring the poor inmate to a stadium and curse him a little bit.

LEVEL 43 55 SUPERHEAT. In RuneScape you are able to use Superheat on ores to make bars of them, e.g. projecting it Gold Ore is going to lead to making Gold wedges. Although in the event that you don't want to spend too much money I suggest doing so on Iron Ores.

LEVEL 45 - 55 Camelot Teleport. You need a Staff of Air and about 1,895 legislation runes. When acquired, you repeatedly cast Camelot Teleport, which ought to lead to receiving 55,5 expertise per cast and total 80,000 experience per hour. Each law rune prices 180 - 200 GP, so it's not cheap and you may want to read a few gold making guide so that your law rune stream won't drain. You might choose to use too at Varrock Teleport, since it is landing place locations can be switched into Grand Exchange. Given you're farming it may be a supply of free magic xp as you proceed.

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