I go sit in my throne and laugh at ebay prices dropping
I go sit in my throne and laugh at ebay prices dropping Jan 30

I go sit in my throne and laugh at ebay prices dropping

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I get up every couple of days. . .and right when my coffee gets everything moving I go sit in my throne and laugh at ebay prices dropping. . .like almost everyone else that didn't succumb to scalpers I'm good just waiting until amazon will drop off one at my door. No rush needed its not like there's some list of games that I can not play right now if I want.Screw those fuckers, do not purchase ever from scalpers, however much you want something. Simply wait, it isn't necessary.

Yea I've seen this done, people buying a console for one game which they need, and selling it afterwards.

Thus, to be honest, I was attempting to snatch one up for a buddy who didn't have enough opportunity to monitor them. Then they said to still get it, as this buddies sister was looking for one. A half later, I land one and inform my friend. Coworker called me outside for scalping (if anyone had bothered to ask, the round number was to earn a money transaction easier and was happy to accept real retail). Then I ended up trading with another close friend who couldn't manage it but wanted to trade. And that's the story of trying to do something nice for somebody turned in to me getting accused of something I despise and got a glock 27 plus some money for my trouble

Listen, if all these people were selling like 50-100 over to create their tiny time cut I would have much less difficulties, although still be annoyed. But it's that they are going double or 400-500 minute over.This. If you visit my story over about getting stuck with a single after attempting to help a friend who was too active, I was only going to return it, however, I couldn't

I believe the ideal way to market things like this on the very first day would be to sell 1 unit, for every social ID. For this reason, you want to type your social and get one. In this manner hackers would not have the ability to exist.people would just get their children socials and use them like they did to scam the first time home purchaser thing about 10 years ago. Damn dawg, didnt realize that your toddler created much money!Not all households have toddlers, and that I do not think most of the scalpers are big family men. And even though that's accurate, even with this method there would not be one hundredth as many scalpers as there are now.

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