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Clearance fee is applied by the third-party in exchange of services offered by them. But, the million-dollar question is: Does Cash App charge clearance fee? Note that Cash App is an independent money transfer application. So, there is no involvement of any kind of third party. If someone asks you to pay Cash App clearance fee to send and receive money, just run. Remember that a notorious scam is going on about Cash App clearance fee. As a part of clearance fee scam, fraudster asks contact Cash App users and offer them free Cash App money. And when a Cash App user shares details with the scammer, scammer steal money and disappear. For more info: https://cashappscontact.com/bl....og/cash-app-clearanc


Cash App Clearance Fee Sugar Daddy: True or False? | Cash App

Cash App clearance fee is just a product of the false imagination of scammers. These days the pretext of clearance fee is being use with sugar daddy