Animal transit: new horizon position rendered in realistic quality

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You no longer have to imagine real life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, because someone can 3D render several familiar positions and structures in the game to achieve realistic quality. You can view the compilation on the Chinese social media site Weibo, including Nook's "Cracks", museums, airports and houses, where the animators first shared their work. Seeing that the system I used to share this story does not support the embedded format of Weibo, this is some help from Reddit.

As you can see, it is difficult to distinguish these animations from real life. The visual effects here shame the Unreal 5 engine technology demonstration. That said, although the quality of 3D rendered animation is certainly possible, in this case, there seem to be some video editing skills. Reddit users and "professional video editor" WobbityJenkins reasoned that what we are seeing is actually a composition that mixes realistic images with computer rendering, such as the effect of a player landing on an island. If you land on more islands and get generous returns, it is best to buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket instead of farming them yourself. When necessary, IGGM is a great place to buy and play "Animal Crossing New Horizons" better.

"Aka, only part of it was rendered in 3D programs like Blender or Cinema 4D, and then used some assets to fundamentally simulate the movement of the camera zoom and parallax," Redditor wrote. They continued: "In addition, if you look again, you will find that the water does not react to further inverted surfboards. The water simulation of the 3D program will make the water react differently." Either way, it is bloody gorgeous, I want to live there forever.

By the way, the new horizon fish and insects that can be caught in June during the animal crossing. During this new experience, if you encounter any difficulties, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM to improve your abilities.

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