Newest Nike Air Force 1/1 Releasing With Black And Hyper Pink

Newest Nike Air Force 1/1 Releasing With Black And Hyper Pink

2021Shoes  With the advent of Waffle One, the inline colors of many silhouettes have become meaningless. But due to the limitations of the platform, colorful clothing like upcoming women's exclusive products is still a fair game. Just in time for spring, the color matching device can keep it clean all the time. For example, the transparent mesh base wears a faint "sea glass", while the covering more or less complements the creamy "sea glass" shade. Following the accent where the color starts to increase in intensity, Swarsh does this because it wears a brighter "pink flame". At the back, the heel clip follows closely, although it prefers the more vivid "Saturn Gold" ending look.

Although Nike Air Force 1 is a timeless design, the Air Force 1/1 used Velcro components to enhance the 1982 classic models, allowing the wearer to apply patches to customize the shoes. Just a month after its release, Nike launched outdoor-inspired Velcro patches in white and sapphire blue, and has now abandoned the black and ultra-pink arrangements and nodded to the "Wish Nike Day" brand event. GS exclusively displays the black smooth leather sole, the tongue label and heel add super pink NikeAir logo. Like other AF1/1s, there are interchangeable Velcro patches on the heel, Swoosh and toes. These decorative elements include two pairs of pink sofas and four small patches, which evoke the theme of peace, love and happiness surrounding the "Own Nike Day" brand. In addition, the brilliant patch uses a palette of blue, pink and purple, very similar to the "Own a NikeDay" package released by AirMax Japan in 2019. In order to create a playful look, the style chose a white midsole and an ultra-pink rubber outsole, both of which contrast sharply with the black leather body.

Cadysneaker,In the spring and summer, many Nike Air Max Plus color matching methods have appeared, showing very bright colors. For the upcoming pair, Tuning Air Classic chose a rather low-key look, with black twill and gold accents. This proposal only appeared shortly after the release of another AirMaxPlus with twill and silver accents. The patterned twill material is applied to the entire upper part and then interrupted by the smooth black wavy TPU cover. In order to further the color scheme, the nylon fender and part of the midsole are also black. The side Swoosh and midsole introduce a golden blend and hint the color, trying to avoid the smooth appearance of the product. Around the design, the classic yellow TnAir logo badge is applied to the heel, and the NikeAir logo badge on the tongue is designed in gold to match the rest of the model.


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