World of Warcraft TBC: Pre-patch Is Officially Open, the Era of Blood Elves

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A few days ago, Blizzard’s maintenance lasted until night, which was a few hours later than the originally planned time. Perhaps this is also the reason for the larger version of the update template. As soon as the game was opened, many WoW Classic TBC Gold players couldn't wait to go online. The grand occasion of the blood elves' birthplace of level 1 trumpets walking all over the floor almost caught up with the scene of the nostalgic service just opening. There are more people than monsters, so you have to wait for the mobs to refresh when doing tasks.

Because it is a new version, the plug-in update is not very timely, and the old plug-in has many problems. Basically, you can only ban all plug-ins first, and upgrade your tasks based on your previous understanding of the game. I also created a blood elf character with a few friends to share with you our upgrade route.

We chose the mage, and then opened the Thunder Bluff gate to go to Thunder Bluff to do quests to level 8, with the bonus of the dragon head buff, the quests are basically one sword and one mob, and the efficiency is very high.

In addition, we are all familiar with the tasks of Thunder Bluff and basically don't need plug-ins, and there are very few people who come to think of it, and basically no one robs the blame, so the upgrade efficiency is greatly improved. After reaching level 8 as a task, we went back to Ogg and prepared to start the stance journey. Some people said that the mobs in the wild are faster. I also went to check it out. In contrast, it is not suitable for the wild at this stage.

Now that there are more new characters, and there are many upgrades in the wild, then the experience of the mobs that can be obtained per person is reduced. In contrast, the mobs in the dungeon have no competition, but the explosion mechanism is 5 times in 1 hour. Others It is more efficient than the wild, and you can eat, drink, and rest while you are out of business.

I found a new thing on the way to the dungeon. This stone should be familiar to everyone, but it can be seen in version 60 but cannot be used. Now on the eve of the day, players can summon players who meet the level through the collection stone to the entrance of the instance. The same formal service only needs 2 people to click the door to complete the summon.

You can go to Shadowfang when the Fury reaches level 15, and then wait for Silverfang until around 25 to go to the blood. At present, friends are taking each other. By the morning of 26, the highest in our district is 28. Except for 5 explosions per hour, there is no limit of 30 per day. However, the maximum attenuation of the wizard's AOE is very terrifying.

In the case that the number of monsters is small without decay, the damage of the full-level storm is about 240. When there are a lot of monsters, the damage will be greatly attenuated. In the blood test, the damage of the full-level rain is only about 45, and it is even more in Maraudon. Decay to 19 points. For those who are long-term and skilled, it may only extend the time of a monster. The impact is not big, but it still has a certain impact on our self-sufficient players.

The lifting of the daily explosive limit and the launch of Mage AOE this time are good and bad. Generally speaking, it is helpful to the efficiency of player upgrades. How many blood elves do you have? Are you looking for some cheap TBC Classic Gold?


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