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How not to fall for the tricks of scammers when ordering student papers!

Currently, there are a huge number of companies on the Internet that are engaged in the implementation of student work such as english homework help. We are often approached by students who have been deceived or need help to significantly improve their work. This is due to the fact that there are many companies flying at night. We want to dedicate this article to how to avoid this.

"When placing an order on any site, you will definitely be answered within an hour. If you don't get a response until the next day, then you should think about the importance of your application to this company."

There are companies that indicate in the list of their advantages that they work without prepayment: Imagine, you order a job, the company agrees to do it, and then for some reason you change your mind. This means that the organization suffers losses, since in any case it is forced to pay the author for the execution of this work. And the company will never operate at a loss.

The best option when the maximum prepayment is no more than 50%.

Your order must be assigned an individual number. This suggests that it is not a single one, that the company has many clients, and also guarantees that your order will be fulfilled in compliance with all conditions.

If you want to play it safe by making an advance payment in a particular company, ask them to send you a contract or offer. You can request that you provide you with some work done as soon as it is ready, so you can make sure that it is available and done correctly.

Now I'll tell you a little about the features of performing different types of work:

What information you must provide for an accurate assessment of your order.
Abstract. Here, as a rule, they ask the volume of your work (the cost of the order always depends on the volume), the design requirements (if it is important for you), whether the work will be checked for originality using the Antiplagiat system, if so, what percentage of the original text is requested from your university.

Course work. According to MOST, the total volume of term paper is 25-30 pages. You must indicate what nature your work is, it must be theoretical or practical. For the practical part, it should be clarified whether you can provide data about the organization.

The writing. The originality of the text must be at least 70% for the Etxt Antiplagiat program or 90% for the Antiplagiat program.

Practice report. Practice reports are of two types:
1. Manager:
According to MOST, the total amount of work on pre-diploma practice is 35-40 pages. In 90% of cases, this is already the 2nd chapter of the diploma.
2. Production:
You must include the name of the organization where you are doing your internship. And also, whether you need to fill out a diary and a review.

Thesis. Completion of the thesis should be and this is normal. Since each supervisor has his own opinion and his own vision of work, he is a teacher. For greater efficiency and timely revision, require that the work be written and sent to you in parts (chapter by chapter). Thus, you will be able to provide the teacher with each chapter for review on time and make corrections in a timely manner, which will greatly simplify the work of both you and the author who will write the thesis project. There should be guidelines for the dissertation.
Advise in advance if you need to agree on a plan with your manager to avoid further misunderstandings.

Always provide as much information as possible for each job, this will allow you to avoid further paid changes.

Control your order, whether you order it from a company or directly from a freelance writer. Ask how the work is progressing, whether the author has time to complete it on time, whether there have been any questions during the work. The more you show participation in the discussion of the terms of writing your work, the more chances you have of getting a job of proper quality and on time.

Pros and cons of companies and individuals (authors):
I must say right away that no one is insured against getting low-quality work, but this percentage can be minimized.

Firstly, try to order works only in one company, in the future you can get a discount as a regular customer. You can always ask the company for a guarantee. If they send you a contract, read it carefully, as a rule, no one does it.

The price for a private person (freelance author) will always be an order of magnitude lower. But there are more risks for you. Let me give you an example from our practice: a student ordered a work directly from the author, as a result, when the deadline came, the author disappeared altogether (the reason is not clear). The prepayment was also not refunded. Now this student is our regular customer.

Remember a good rule of thumb: Cheaper is not better.

If you have any questions or need advice, you can always contact us in  write my lab report for help.

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