Best Hair Restoration Surgeon for Hair Loss

Dr. John Kahen has upheld his name ever since he ventured into private practice in 2007.

Hair restoration is a surgery that boosts a patient's outlook. You will find Dr. Kahen at Beverly Hills Hair restoration. Here, he offers his rare services. His popularity has spread far and wide, and his work has won him some awards. You'll never regret paying for a hair loss remedy with Dr John Kahen.

We will take you through the work-life of Dr. Kahen. A little back story and his path to be the best hair surgeon. Here's what made Dr. Kahen get recognition and awards.

Who is Dr. John Kahen?

Dr. John Kahen is a Beverly Hills-based hair surgeon. All over the world for his creative and great hair surgeries. He was among the first surgeons who added PRP science into hair loss remedies. You can use PRP alone or with hair surgery. It aids in healing and hair regrowth. 

 Celebrity plastic surgeons praise Dr. Kahen for his works. He even won the Aesthetic Award for two years in a row. Also, he has a list of 500 high-end clients. They are Fortune 500 CEOs, dignitaries, celebrities, executives, and physicians. 

John Kahen studied for his bachelor's in Psychobiology at the University of California. He then went on with general surgery. Next, he went to Manhasset's North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital for an internship in general surgery. He later pursued organ transplant research at New York University. Finally, he found passion in hair transplant and switched to private practice. He is a part of the International Society of Hair Transplant Surgery. Currently, Dr. Kahen has done thousands of hair restoration surgeries. They all add up to more than 20 million graft transplants. 

Dr. Kahen has been featured in several papers and blogs. All the posts were due to his immense input to hair surgeries and innovations. 

Hair Restoration Innovation and Invention

Dr. Kahen's passion for invention started long before he pursued medicine. In the 1990s, Kahen designed a tool and program that aided phone services for emergency envoys. Then, he sold the two and used the funds to study medicine. 

In his medical practice, he started Smart PRP for hair loss. Initially, people could only use PRP for sports injuries. But the Smart PRP process has slashed the need for hair transplants ten folds. Hair doctors also use it with surgery to boost scalp healing. 

Dr John Kahen helped a lot in the creation of the robotic FUE hair transplant tool. The tool can perform the surgery in a fully automated process. The doctor only needs to set the tool with precision to the bald area. Though he sold the patent to ARTAS, he boasts as one of the first hair surgeons to use the tech. 


Dr John Kahen has upheld his name ever since he ventured into private practice in 2007. Being among the first doctors to use PRP for hair growth, he brought a new facet to hair loss recovery. Other plastic surgeons praise him for his zeal, will, and vision in hair restoration. 


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