The gambling market is enormous

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Blizzard accused of putting profit before values to buy wow gold and was called an enemy of liberty of speech. With many deleting their Blizzard accounts A boycott movement started, and even Blizzard staff protested. Tellingly, this was one of very few gaming controversies using a social and political dimension to unite both liberal and reactionary groups of gamers.

However, it doubled down on its position that his announcement lacked contest rules and the casters had failed to prevent him - and insisted that"our connections in China had no influence on our decision." (By comparison, NetEase, Blizzard's partner in China, issued a statement using a patriotic, arguably pro-government tone.)

But no decision is made out of circumstance, and boy is there some context to deal with here.

The gambling market is enormous, yet poses challenges to any Western publisher. There is regulation and stringent censorship and all games require a company. Blizzard has a history in China compared to the many. Its games have been ideal to the PC café culture, and it worked hard to gain an early foothold. World of Warcraft was a huge hit in this MMO-mad market, but its early years were troubled: there was a reversal of local operator and regulatory acceptance for those expansions took indefinitely.

After a lot of work, a plan to make the Pandaren - a race of anthropomorphic pandas - among the two new playable races at first expansion The Burning Crusade on mywowgold was fought over fears they would cause offence to Chinese gamers or regulators.The Pandaren did finally appear in 2012 at Mists of Pandaria, a growth themed almost exclusively - and together with extravagant attention to detail - around Oriental culture and folklore. It was a clear love letter.

They exist in one remove from Azerothian politics' squabbling jumble. Mists of Pandaria drifted through the approval procedure in China and has been the first WOW expansion to be available there day-and-date with the rest of the planet.