It is difficult to describe particulars of why I favor RS3,

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It's about if a player feels like they have no choice but to purchase gold and just depends on how informed the participant is. As I have not played RS3 because EOC I can only remark on OSRS and my main comment would be that trusted runescape gold websites there's so much low level content that must not be progressed by simply paying gold or buying exp lamps like in RS3 you need to spend time doing low level quests and skills that does not need any high end gear.

When I hear"pay to win", the first piece of thing that I think about is the effort put in to get exactly what you would like. OSRS is yes but you still have to put time in to do the training. RS3 on the flip side, you can purchase the XP, put as much as OSRS because of BXP and Treasure Hunter into it or you don't need to touch the skill and you will purchase substance so or since you have BXP. You can get your level fast setting time grinding the ability. RS3 has a choice to pay to win. Better to call it"pay to advance" since its much faster to get to endgame levels in RS3.I am considering starting RuneScape here shortly and wondering which you can pick up. I'm sure people will have strong opinions one way or another, just need to find out that game the community performs more. I have played runescape earlier when I was younger so I have dabbled in OSRS, but I am interested in Runescape 3 too. Thank you in advance!

I like RS3 it's just a match in every way for the day and age. It's also worth noting that normally osrs players despise its playerbase and RS3.

It's similar to how Apex players despise fortnite gamers (and I suppose fortnite players, feel exactly the same, idk) just because they choose to play another game in precisely the exact same genre and generalize all the players of that particular game. So I would not listen to players view of RS3 or vice versa. Unless they played and have contributed a chance. I have played both and I just prefer RS3. It's imo more challenging and more modern. But I am also a 13 year veteran (on and off) that practically maxed and doesnt need to have to retrain every skill to 99 and do every pursuit, particularly since I got almost all of my 99s at the era of rs2, which is what osrs is based on, so pvm is actually the content I am most curious about.

It is difficult to describe particulars of why I favor RS3, but I used to play with, playing RS3 in legacy mode, I decided to just embrace and find out eoc (the battle design in RS3) and ever since I stopped playing osrs and rs gold buying sites also have favored RS3. Kinda off topic but combat royal players can be incredibly annoying. Like with the newest one from ubisoft. Hyper another or some thing. Games wonderful. The single battle royal I enjoy. Its unique, has it's own spin on item, and feels fantastic. Better than even apex imo.


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