Flat Screen Printing Machine Cleaning Operation

As a high-efficiency automation equipment, the automatic Stenter must strictly implement the following standardized procedures during use to prevent workers from hurting people.

As a high-efficiency automation equipment, the automatic Stenter must strictly implement the following standardized procedures during use to prevent workers from hurting people. Through standardized operations, various machines and machines caused by operating errors can be greatly avoided. Personal injury.
1. Except for the designated employees of pad printing machine operation and the employees who have received pad printing skills training, and the supervisor-level management personnel, it is strictly forbidden for others to operate the pad printing machine privately, regardless of the reason.
2. Before starting the pad printer, check whether the source air pressure is normal. Manually push the parts of the mobile machine to see if there is any collision or abnormality. Lubrication parts such as the guide rails should be regularly lubricated.
3. The substrate (product) positioning jig must be confirmed to be fixed and the position is accurate: determined by the pad printing master, after the pad printing master has passed the debugging (other personnel) shall not adjust the position of the clamp without authorization, if it needs to be adjusted according to the production requirements , You must notify the pad printer adjustment master.
4. There are four adjustable foot pads on the base plate of the pad printer. After moving, ensure that the four feet are stable without tilting and swinging before operating. The machine must be in a horizontal position and all four supporting feet are under force.
5. Before batch printing, the printing quality, printing position, printing color, etc. must be confirmed by the pad printing master and the team leader or above before the mass production can be mass produced. The products are printed in strict accordance with the "confirmed version printing conditions", and problems are reported in time.
6. In the working process of the pad printer, the rubber head of the pad printer must be cleaned every time the number of pad printing reaches 60 times. When the quality of the pad printing deteriorates, the rubber head must be cleaned within the number of times according to the situation (flexible and flexible); Pay attention to the pad printing results every time you print, stop the pad printer immediately and report to the superior when there is a position deviation, unsaturated pattern color, deformation, ink drawing, overlap, or deformation of the substrate due to excessive force. Or master pad printing.
7. If there are abnormal phenomena during the operation of the pad printing machine, such as abnormal noise or abnormal phenomena, the pad printing machine should be stopped immediately and reported to the superior or the pad printing master.
8. The pad printing site should be kept clean. Tools, measuring tools, positioning fixtures, and other pad printing consumables, etc. should be placed in the previously specified places. It is forbidden to put various items on the Flat Screen Printing Machine table.
9. When baking the substrate after pad printing, you must strictly refer to the "How to Use Baking".
10. After the pad printing is finished, clean the pad printing place, place all kinds of utensils and consumables, turn off the power and air source, and clean the oil pan and knives.
11. Do a good job of daily care and maintenance for each shift, and conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance once a week.

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