How to Get Free SSL for Your Website and Install It Correctly

SSL is being used to ensure the security of websites. However, there are some companies from where you can get SSL free of cost and install it in your website.


SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer’ and it consists of small data files. These small data files digitally bind the details of a website. When you install it on your website, you will get a secure connection for your website and it will also assign a pedlock. There are lots of benefits of SSL certificate for your website like SSL certificate protects the data on your website, SSL certificate will affirm your identity, it will provide better search engine ranking to your website an SSL certificate will also improve the trust of the customers. There are various ways to get an SSL certificate for your website. Here, top UK essay writing services will discuss the free method to get an SSL certificate for your website.

Cost of SSL Certificate

There are lots of certificate authorities are available that can provide an SSL certificate for a website. The prices of these certificate authorities are also different from each other. Anyhow, you will get the SSL certificate from $50-200/year. There are also SSL certificate providers who add some add-on services on the SSL certificate and due to these adds-on services, the website owners have to pay some extra amount. Due to these high prices of SSL certificate, most of the websites are not using SSL certificate in their websites. As a result, hackers can easily attack these websites and these hackers can steal the private information of their customers.

How Can I Get A Free SSL Certificate For A Website?

As we have discussed earlier that due to the high prices of SSL certificate, it is not possible for all the website owners to buy an SSL certificate for their websites. This problem is solved by a non-profit authority that is known as Let’s Encrypt. This authority has decided to provide free SSL certificate services for the websites. The main purpose of this authority is to provide a free SSL certificate to all the websites and after using SSL certificate in the websites, the website owners will be able to create a more safe environment for the internet use. As this project is very significant for the online world, that’s why this project has gained the support of some major companies like Google, Facebook and WordPress etc.

Now, the problem is that if you are a beginner and you are going to install a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, it is a real challenge to you because it requires knowledge about coding and server systems. Now, this problem is solved by the hosting companies because almost all the hosting companies are offering free SSL certificate to their websites along with their hosting plans. By availing this offer, you will be able to save you from the hassle of installing a free SSL certificate on your website. Some best hosting companies that are offering free SSL certificates along with their hosting plans are BlueHost, SiteGround, HostGator and WPEngine etc. If you are already using the hosting of these hosting companies, you can also get benefit from their offers just by turning on the dashboard of free SSL certificate.

How to Install a Free SSL Certificate?

After availing the offer of free SSL certificate from your hosting provider, you just need to set up your website on WordPress to use HTTPS instead of HTTP for all the URLs of your website. If you want to make this process easier to you, you should try to install the SSL plugin in your WordPress dashboard. While activation, you can easily get an idea either your SSL certificate is enabled or not with the help of this plugin. Moreover, this plugin will also allow you to turn on HTTPS for your website. While installing an SSL certificate on your website, you should make sure that all the URLs of your website are opening with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

While taking an overview of all the URLs on your website, if you feel that some URLs are not opening with HTTPS protocol, you should turn on SSL plugin. This plugin will automatically resolve these kinds of problems. It is necessary to you to make sure that this problem is not existing because if one of the URL of your website is not opening with HTTPS protocol, browsers will consider that all the data on your website is insecure. For more assurance, you should try to check the protocol of all the URLs on your website by using inspection tools of browser. By installing an SSL certificate on your website, you will be able to secure your website and you will also be able to provide the best user-experience to the viewers.