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On account of doubt and the COVID-19 pandemic surrounding when and how the season of the NFL would begin, there'd been a few doubts surrounding the character of a Mut 21 coins game in 2020. However, before a formal announcement being made for the game, Baltimore Ravens quarterback and 2019, in April 2020 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson said that he would be the cover star for Madden NFL 21.

EA confirmed shortly afterward in May a new Madden NFL game could be released later in the year (along with a new FIFA instalment). As a result of pandemic, a regular photoshoot of Lamar Jackson for the pay of the game wasn't possible. As photographs of the player were provided by the team photographer.

It was verified that the match would launch on August 28 for Xbox One PS4, and PC. EA also verified that Madden NFL would be coming later to Stadia, making it the first Madden game to launch on Google's cloud loading platform. It was also announced that Madden NFL 21 will be accessible on Xbox collection X and PS5 later in the year.

EA confirmed that the sport would allow upgrades for people who have it on Xbox One or PS4. However, for redeeming the update for those who desired to avail free updates restrictions in place, using a time window for purchasing the sport and EA put. Following criticism to the conclusion, EA extended the window, saying that players could upgrade to variations at any time before the launching of Madden NFL 22 a year.

In late May, it was announced that cheap Mut 21 coins would be formally unveiled using a reveal trailer on June 1. However, shortly EA pushed back the match reveal as a result of the protests after the killing of George Floyd. The game was later revealed in complete later in June. Because of Washington Redskins announcing it might be changing its name to fall the team's controversial moniker, EA announced that the team's latest logo and title would be removed out of Madden NFL 21 as well, and would be replaced with a generic name and logo until new ones were finalized, which could then be inserted into the game later.

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