In Burning Crusade Classic ​Players How to get Power Infused Mushroom

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Power Infused Mushroom is one of the trophies that players most want to get in TBC, and also is a favorite tool for PvP and PvE players. Also, the most popular website for players to buy TBC Classic Gold is This item is regarded as a trinket, restores 200 mana points, and has a 10 second cooling time. The same goes for Essence Infused Mushroom. Whether the player uses the accessory in PVP or PvE, it will be very helpful.

To obtain Energy Infused Mushroom, players must first accept the Zangar Marsh quest line west of Hellfire Peninsula. Go to Spore Plus in the lower-left corner of Zangar Marsh. In Spore Hold, the player will encounter an NPC named Khn'nix. The purple humanoid will give the player the task -Stalk the Stalker.

After getting the task, go to the dark swamp dungeon of Panya Reservoir to open a copy. Don't forget to accept missions from mission providers near the entrance to gain extra loot and experience! Underbog is a simple dungeon setup, with only one path leading to the end of the dungeon. Follow the path southeast to the first area, north to the second area, and then went to the last part.

The end of The Underbog is The Black Stalker Boss battle. Defeat the black stalker and bring back its brain to complete the task. You can Classic TBC Buy Gold to help you successfully win this fight to obtain Power Infused Mushroom. After completion, players can choose to infuse essence mushrooms or energy mushrooms as a reward.


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