DIY vs. Pest control: Which Bed Bugs Treatment is the real game player?

Bed bugs are the little mite that lives under the areas of human’s contact.

The blood of humans is the feast of them. Even they situated in the small holes of bed, couch, sofa, carpets and also inside the old clothes and blanket. They spread rapidly in which they lay 3 to 5 eggs every day. So, the Bed Bugs Treatment in Gurgaon is necessary. 

But, the thing is that what are the ways to get rid of them? Here, we can say that there are DIY and particular services. So, let’s know which one is better?

Difference between DIY and professional bed bug treatment:

Washing entire clothes and carpets.Inspect the entire house.
Basic vacuuming of sofas, mattresses, and carpets.Deep vacuuming under and over the furniture, even the sides as well.
Spray DIY lemon or tea tree sprays that only reduce the number of bed bugs.Uses a heating treatment that kills eggs and bed bugs completely.
It takes time and short-time treatment.  It requires few hours and long-term treatment.


According to the above comparison they both are different. It means DIY requires for least occurrence of bed bugs whereas professional one is for excessive treatment in large areas.


What is the procedure to hire better pest control?

  • First, it is necessary to know the experiences and the way they work.
  • Even it will be better to research on an online portal name ZoopGo.
  • Ask in which area they apply the best solution.
  • However, it will be better to know about the budget system. 
  • Therefore, it will be easy to compare the charges according to the area.



As compare DIY with Pest Control in Gurgaonthe professional services will be better. It reduces them from the root and makes your bed free from bugs. Even you can also research at ZoopGo

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