How to Troubleshoot an HP Wireless Printer connection

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Printers are a treasured gift of modern technology that has made work 10 times easier and quicker for every sector. From printing bulk sheets in no time to eliminating all your work hassle, printers have always been a must needed peripheral. Wireless HP Printers on the other hand are a must for every task. But sometimes one may face issues like HP wireless printers not printing, this may happen because of several issues. Not to panic because we have got solutions for all. Hp wireless printer problems are very common and usually are the same in varying models. Hence, you might need to troubleshoot or fix some bugs once in a while for ensuring a smoothly functioning printing.

If your computer is unable to detect your Hp printer over WI-FI connection or a printer offline message displays when trying to print here are some steps to fix hp wireless direct not working.

  1. Open your windows device and start by downloading Hp Print and scan doctor.  After clicking on the download option, a pop up appears asking you if your printer is displaying offline or not. 
  2. There are two available options of Hp print and scan doctor depending on your issue. Select yes if your printer is displaying offline status.
  3. Once your version is downloaded, click start and then select your printer. If the name of your printer isn't present on the list then restart it and check once again. Click my product is not listed and then click retry.
  4. If there is a connection problem, follow the instructions in Hp print and scan doctor. If a screen prompts you to turn on printer updates, click yes. If a screen prompts you to select your printer as the default printer, click agree.
  5. Try to print a sample paper.

If The Printer Still Remains Offline, Continue To The Next Step.

  • Restart your devices. Turn off your printer and wait 10 seconds and then disconnect the power cord. On your wireless router, disconnect the power cord and then reconnect it.
  • Reconnect the printer power cord and then turn on the printer. Turn on your device as well and then connect your printer to the wireless network.
  • For printers with a touch screen, go to the wireless and network menu on the control panel. And then touch restores network defaults. Confirm resetting the printer.
  • With the settings restored, go to the hp wireless setup wizard and connect your printer with your wireless network.
  • For printers with buttons on it, connect using the WPS button on the router.

This was pretty much of it. Your issue might have been resolved till now.

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