The Evolution of the Gravity Bong

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The Evolution of the Gravity BongThe Evolution of the Gravity Bong

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From joints to suppositories, it seems like stoners have dreamed up just about every possible way to enjoy cannabis. Weed smokers are known for being creative and inventive, and the gravity bong has stood the test of time as the poster child of homemade weed apparatuses. The gravity bong (or “grav” bong) is truly the ultimate “DIY” smoking device and has undergone quite the evolution in recent years.

The classic gravity bong is constructed from household materials including cut-up soda bottles, five-gallon Home Depot buckets, and random metal knick-knacks you stole from your dad’s toolbox (“that’s a hex bit socket, son”). But oh, have gravity bongs come a long way since then. Companies like Grav and Stundenglass have successfully reinvented the traditional DIY gravity bong with next-level class and elegance.

But before we delve into the newest innovations in gravity bongs, let’s reflect on the special times we shared with those gravity bongs that look like a jumble of random objects from a janitor’s closet.A cornerstone of college parties and dorm rooms, the gravity bong has proved its enduring popularity throughout the years.

Back in the day, at a time where head shops were not as common and cannabis was not as accepted (or legal), stoners were left to their own devices. Although a variety of household items can create a plethora of pipes, the gravity bong is really an icon.

The functionality of a gravity bong is actually quite simple. The idea behind the apparatus is that gravity pulls cannabis smoke into a bottle with the help of water suction.First, the interior bottle is cut in half so that it can be easily submerged in the water. On top of the bottle is a cap which is typically converted into a makeshift bowl piece, or sometimes it can even be an actual glass bowl piece.

Seasoned gravity bong users will know that screwing on a bowl piece packed with cannabis is a big no-no unless the bottle is already immersed in water. If the bowl is packed before the interior bottle is submerged, a burst of air will ruin your hit (and maybe even your day) by erupting your dank greens up into the air and onto the floor, or worse, into the water.

Instead, attach the bowl piece after submerging the bottle into the water, and slowly pull the bottle up while simultaneously lighting the herb.The end result will be beautiful milky goodness flowing into the bottle as you pull it upwards. When you reach your desired hit size, remove the bowl and enjoy the sweet cannabis smoke that will be shot into your mouth as the bottle drops back into the water.

The function, nostalgia, and budget-friendly nature of homemade gravity bongs can be good draws. However, the commercially manufactured models on the market right now are definitely worth considering, especially with all the impressive improvements that have been made recently.

Today, Grav is one of the most trusted and widely known names in cannabis glassware. Dave Daily invented the original Gravitron 2004 and the rest is basically history. The Gravitron became the brands claim to fame product and Grav Labs, now shortened to just Grav, grew on their success with the Gravitron Gravity Bong and continued to evolve their glassware lineup.

The Gravitron continues to be Grav’s flagship product and has remained a best-seller for over 17 years now. The Gravitron was the world’s first-ever glass gravity bong and is still as much fun to use and hard-hitting as the day it was created!

For those of you who are seeking a seamless gravity bong experience, without the plastic or effort of a DIY gravity bong, consider Grav’s latest. In May of 2021 (yes, that’s last month), Grav gave it’s namesake all-glass gravity bong a facelift celebrating 17 years as a company.

Cannabis users are known to break things. So if you’re scared of investing in a fragile all-glass smoking device, Grav’s brand new and upgraded Gravitron 2.0 increases the glass thickness of their original Gravitron by five times! Any debilitating effects from its smoke are far less likely to lead to destruction now. Additionally, the new flange at the top of the neck gives you a great grip on the bottle as you lift it. This all makes for a low-risk, high-fun experience. The new model also includes an upgraded platinum cured silicone grommet for added protection.

Arguably the coolest feature of the Gravitron 2.0 is its ability to work with your own 14mm and 18mm male bowl pieces (the medium Gravitron has a 14mm female joint while the large Gravitron is fit with an 18mm female joint). So you can forget all about about raiding your father’s toolbox for hex sockets or having to order the custom 12mm bowl slides that came with the original Grav Gravitron.