The old school RuneScape once got away because of a bug that made players a billionaire

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Many players want to get more Runescape Gold in the game. The most real thing is, of course, to upgrade the game level by doing tasks in the game to get rewards.

When robbing NPCs, players get coin purses instead of actual coins. They have to open them to get coins. During the test, it worked perfectly, so the error can be ignored. Only these small bags were tested, but due to code errors, the new mechanism was triggered by other projects. Although Jagex himself avoids stating the exact meaning, from all the information on the subject, it can be assumed that it affects stackable items, such as runes and arrows. This particular update is aimed at robots and gold prospectors, but, incidentally, it has become a test for players and Jagex itself.

The Jagex employees are indeed commendable here because they responded quickly, shut down the game after only 19 minutes, and went back online the same day. Closing the game itself is not a test, but solving the problem is. Some accounts must manually remove this dirty gold and cannot log in for longer, while others feel the full power of the ban hammer to abuse the bug. In addition to the ban, players who purchase a membership through bonds also lose their membership time.

Loyal game fans always want to experience the fun of the game. A better way to become an OSRS billionaire is to simply Buy OSRS Gold instead of abusing bugs.

This time Jagex had more confidence: they quickly started the rollback. Even if the player is temporarily unable to log in, the bug has been fixed and has no impact on the community, except for some interesting moments and memes.

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