Most Beautiful Tulip Flowers for your Soulmate

These varieties of tulip flowers are beautiful and best for giving to your soulmates on special occasions.

Beauty is the word that comes first to heart when we think of flowers. And it is even more true if you speak about tulip flowers. They are one of the most famous and liked springtime flowering bulbous plants.
But before listing the most beautiful of this class of flowers to you, let us know a bit about tulip flowers. Tulips are cup-shaped, bright-colored, beautiful flowers with long, green stems. The Tulip flower is a lily (Liliaceae) family branch, which has about 100 classes. Beautiful Tulip flowers come in a wide range of hues like red, white, cream, pink, purple, black, yellow, and many others. It signifies dignity and true love.

The Most Beautiful Tulip Flowers


Angelique is the most famous and arguably the most beautiful of the tulips. It shows classic, soft, double, pale pink flowers that seem like peonies. Its petals are full and rich, lightly ruffled, shadowing from shell pink to lighter pink. This tulip is best planted in the winter months of late October and November and requires daily watering for proper growth. They like sunshine and last longer in incomplete shade. 

Tulip Little Beauty

This is a small stemmed tulip with pink buds. Its exact name is Tulipa hageri. It has reddish-pink petals with a deep blue core enclosed by a white zone. The head has at most four flowers. The petals are thick and glaring, almost 4 to 6 inches long but still look very sensitive. 

Lady Tulip

Lady Tulip is a very charming tulip. It is a big 4 inch; star-shaped flower of soft white color with a little golden center and deep pink petal surfaces. The plant is 6 to 12 inches long and 8 inches wide. It has a big, straight stem capped with curled flame, which grows in full sun to light shade in loamy soil. The flower unfolds entirely to give a 4-inch wide flower of pure soft tulips with a golden heart. These tulip flowers are white inside and are cherry red external. The flowers are 4 inches in width and have grey-green foliage.

Menton Tulips

Tulip Menton is a perfect variety of tulips with red flowers and orange tones, apricot interior. The flower has a lovely cup shape and is almost 10 inches in length. It is quite a strong and weather-resistant tulip and is planted in mid-spring every year. It gives big flowers for cutting purposes.

Tulip Persian Pearl

Tulip Persian Pearl is seen sufficiently in North-Western Iran and Eastern Turkey. It is a uniquely toned flower with a deep purple-red flower, bright yellow middle, and a silver-gray surface. It is a beautiful tulip and is just 4 inches high. It molds from cups to stars when it grows fully.


Therefore, these varieties of tulip flowers are beautiful and best for giving to your soulmates on special occasions. It's time to get these unique varieties of flowers bouquet for your special ones.  


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