Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Talonflame

For Pokemon GO trainers trying to find the best moves for Talonflame to restore a great addition with their team, listed here is a breakdown of the choices.

As the years have gone by, Pokemon GO continues to be slowly adding new regions and Pokemon for the game so that things fresh for fans. Not too long ago, the Kalos region has been available since Pokemon GO, and Talonflame was one of the first few Pokemon to become listed on the game from that region.

Talonflame is usually a strong Flying and Fire-type Shiny Pokemon that's weak to Electric, Rock, and Water-type moves, yet it's resistant against more information on types, including Bug, Grass, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Steel. It has a max CP of 2,205, an ATTK of 145, a DEF of 110, as well as an STA of 158. For Pokemon GO fans wondering tips on how to fit Talonflame into their ranks, here are a few of the top moves for doing this.

Incinerate is usually a Fire-type move that deals 15 damage and charges about four energy, equating to a few damage per turn. In relation to Talonflame's other fast moves, Fire Spin and Steel Wing, those moves only deal about nine and seven damage per turn and value about three energy, respectively.

For the Charge moves, either Brave Bird or Flame Charge tends to be viable options. Brave Bird is really a flying type move that deals 130 damage and expenses only 55 energy. Besides Buy Shiny Pokemon is a great choice. Unfortunately, it offers a 100% possibility to lower anyone's defense by three ranks. Flame Charge is usually a fire-type move that may do 65 damage and expenses 50 energy. Flame Charge also offers a 100% possibility to increase anyone's attack by one rank.

Talon Flame's other two moves, Fire Blast and Hurricane, will not be recommended for different reasons. While Fire Blast does make an unbelievable 140 points of injury, it's not necessarily worth the 80 energy points it costs to make use of. Additionally, other trainers could also quickly block the attack, making this almost pointless. Hurricane even offers negative effects that are included in it and fail to get results when comparing it to Brave Bird.


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